Video published online allegedly shows scenes of destruction in the Islamic State (IS)-held city of Raqqa in northern Syria on Tuesday (3 November) following what are said to be Russian air strikes. In the video large plumes of smoke were seen rising from tall buildings and bridges, where huge craters and burnt-out vehicles blocked the passageway.

The video also showed what was said to be a damaged hospital, where chairs and wooden boards remained scattered along its corridors. The video was published with the on-screen logo of the Amaq News Agency by an account linked to the agency, which itself publishes IS videos.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said on Tuesday that Russian warplanes carried out air strikes in Hama province while unidentified jets bombarded the outskirts of Raqqa. Russia intervened militarily in Syria at the end of September to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by launching bombing raids on rebel groups trying to overthrow him.

Syria's skies are becoming increasingly crowded as Russia and a US-led coalition carry out separate air campaigns. The US has sharply criticised Russia's air strikes and has ruled out any military coordination with Moscow. But the US and Russian militaries did agree in October to the protocols, including how to communicate with each other during a close encounter in the air.