Godofredo Rodriguez Pacheco displays a sign with a swastika at the President General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte art school in Chiloe, off the coast of Chile. The curriculum will include workshops on Nazism, said Pacheco, a nationalist who supports Pinochet and has some sympathies with Nazi ideologies Reuters

Italian restaurant, Rockmill, in northern Taiwan has made headlines for serving up a pasta dish on their menu called 'Long Live the Nazis', reported the Digital Journal.

Rockmill manager, Chao Ya-hsin, said that the controversial name was inspired by the German ingredients in the pasta and sausage dish.

After a local TV station featured the dish, the news went viral, prompted by rising tensions between several religious groups, as war rages on in Israel, Gaza, Iraq and Syria.

"It never occurred to us that the word Nazi would stir up such controversy. In fact, it is considered one of our most popular dishes. We hope from now on, customers who eat this dish will enjoy it in sheer joy," said an apologetic Ya-hsin.

A number of Israeli and German officials have expressed their shock over the dish's name, saying it displays a lack of understanding about the history, according to the European Pressphoto Agency.

The dish has now been renamed 'Long Live Purity'.