Fans of the 2008 hit Taken will be excited to know that the first trailer of the long-awaited sequel has been released.

Taken 2 sees Liam Neeson return as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills, who rescued his daughter after she was kidnapped in France in the original film.

Fast track to the present and a impromptu family holiday is thrown into chaos when his ex-wife, played by Famke Janssen, is seized by a gang of mobsters seeking revenge in Turkey.

He is forced to go back into action to save his ex-wife and take out the kidnappers.

Fortunately, his daughter Kim, played by Maggie Grace, avoids being kidnapped again in the sequel, though she is exposed to risk when Mills recruits her to help rescue her mother.

Rade Serbedzija seeks revenge as the father of the Albanian kidnappers killed by Mills in the first Taken film.

Olivier Megaton took over from Pierre Morel as director in this action-packed sequel, while Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen were reunited for the script.

Taken 2, produced by 20th Century Fox and EuropeaCorp, hits cinemas on 5 October.