He's been on death row for two years, convicted for unspeakable crimes whilst he was Saddam Hussein's deputy. And now the lawyer representing Tareq Aziz say he wants a quick death. In fact he's set to write to the Pope Benedict the 16thto ask him to speed up his execution. Because he's currently suffering with with diabetes and heart disease.

It's the second time Aziz, who's 76, has asked for a swift execution. Back in April 2011, his lawyer pleaded with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri-al-Maliki to set a date for his death.

Lawyer Badie Aref told the AFP news agency that Aziz is in 'total depression' and he said "…I will call for him (The Pope) to end my misery, because I would prefer to be executed than stay in this condition."

Many would agree with the convicted man's sentiment. A judge delivered the death sentence for Aziz in 2010, after finding him guilty of deliberate murder and crimes against humanity during Saddam's regime. He was also accused of genocide against the Kurdish community and of persecuting Iraq's Shia population during his time in power.