A tattoo artist who gained notoriety for putting 56 stars on one girl's face has now tattooed his name on his girlfriend's face less than 24 hours after they met.

As a sign to prove their love, a Russian woman named Lesya has had the first name of French tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz tattooed across her face.

The couple began talking to each other on internet forum and met in person for the first time last week.

Less than 24 hours later Lesya, who has taken Toumaniantz's surname since getting engaged, agreed to get 'Rouslan' inked on her face in huge gothic letters.

The artist was quoted in French media as saying: "We knew that 90 percent of people would take us for fools. All that matters to us is what we feel. This is our love story."

Photos of the tattoo quickly circulated around the web, with Toumaniantz yet again receiving criticism because of his tattooing.

Pictures of Lesya before and after the tattoo (Facebook)
Pictures of Lesya before and after the tattoo (Facebook)

In 2009, 18-year-old Belgian woman Kimberley Vlaeminckin attempted to sue Toumaniantz after she claimed he put 56 tattoos across her face after she had only asked for three. She claimed he had put more than she requested after she fell asleep at Tattoo Box in Coutrai, Belgium.

Speaking following the latest controversy surrounding his girlfriend, Toumaniantz wrote on his Facebook page: "Strange country where hatred is propagated by the press as a reaction to love stories. Strange country where paedophiles are protected by the cops and where tattooing is a crime that deserves the front pages of newspaper."


Toumaniantz fled Belgium following the controversy surrounding Vlaeminckin's tattoo in 2009. The 18-year-old eventually admitted she was lying and had asked for all 56 tattoos and was awake during the entire session.

Toumaintz said at the time: "The trouble all started when she went home and her father and boyfriend threw a fit. She asked for 56 stars and that's what she got."

Despite this Toumaintz had offered to pay for half of Vlaeminckin's laser tattoo surgery she would require to get rid of the stars. He later withdrew the offer.

Kimberley Vlaeminck eventually admitted to asking for all 56 tattoos on her face
Kimberley Vlaeminck eventually admitted to asking for all 56 tattoos on her face