Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz will not stop campaigning for anyone, not even his running mate Carly Fiorina. Cruz's former political rival turned vice presidential pick took quite a tumble on 2 May as she introduced him at a rally in Indiana. Footage of the fall off stage shows Cruz oblivious to Fiorina's tumble as he continues to shake hands with supporters.

Despite being clueless to what happened to Fiorina, mere feet away from him, Cruz's wife Heidi appeared to notice and reached out to help Fiorina up. Mashable reported that after getting up, Fiorina hugs the couple and shakes some hands before exiting the stage.

According to USA Today, Cruz's leading rival and current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump jumped on the fall to hit out against Cruz. "They just showed it to me, and I said, 'Wow that's really cruel,' she fell off, she just went down," Trump said. "And she went down right in front of him and he was talking and he kept talking …That was a weird deal, man."

Following a disappointing primary night on 26 April, Cruz announced he chose Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate should he win the party's nomination. The Texas senator has even redone his campaign website to highlight the Cruz-Fiorina ticket.

Cruz has focused all recent campaigning in Indiana, where he hopes to overturn his losing streak and take home the state's 57 delegates. However, a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on 1 May reveals Cruz trails Trump by 15 points among Indiana's likely Republican primary voters.

The senator also lags behind Trump in delegates at 565 to Trump's 996. Republicans need 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination.