• The Irish teen miraculously survived after taking rat poison-laced MDMA pills at a concert.
  • His mother is on a mission to spread anti-drug awareness among teenagers.

16-year-old Odhran Coburn recovered after doctors informed his parents that he had 1% survival odds. Odhran had taken MDMA (Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine), also known as Molly or Ecstasy, which was laced with 78% rat poison. The diabetic teen battled for his life for months, before being able to partially attend classes at school. Odhran's mother, Grannie Coburn, shared images of Odhran in the hospital to dissuade other teens from taking drugs.

In June, Grannie and her husband, Alan Coburn, had gone to London to attend a wedding. She had left her teenage children back at Dundalk, Co Louth. Just before the first dance after the wedding on June 25, the parents received a call notifying them that Odhran was battling for his life at a hospital.

Grannie recalled that while Odhran struggled for his life at Belfast Mater Hospital, they were unable to find a flight back to their son. Grannie's mother, 73-year-old Josephine, managed to reach the hospital but was not allowed to see Odhran since his condition was so serious.

Teen has near-death experience after taking £2 MDMA pills laced with rat poison. Reuters

After an anxious night's wait at the airport, the parents were able to reach the hospital. Odhran's body temperature had been 45C for over 36 hours. By the time his parents arrived, Odhran had suffered multiple organ failure.

Doctors informed Grannie and Alan that the odds of Odhran surviving was 1%. Around 72 hours since his admission to the hospital, toxicology reports revealed that the MDMA pill that Odhran had taken was laced with 78% rat poison. It was suspected that Odhran bought the pill for £2 at Belsonic Concert in Belfast. Odhran had taken insulin fifteen minutes before attending the concert and once he felt sick, he approached a paramedic.

Odhran's condition prevented him from being transferred to King's Hospital in London. Eventually, Odhran was shifted to St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin. Doctors hoped that by getting one organ working, the others would fall in place. 33 days since his admission, Odhran opened his eyes. However, an autoimmune disease threatened his life once again.

Grannie lost her mother in August, but soon after, Odhran showed signs of improvement as reported by the Irish Mirror. Months after his brush with death, Odhran is able to attend school part-time. His near-death experience cost the use of his left hand which remains paralysed. Odhran also has short term memory loss, which prevents him from recalling exactly what happened on the night of the concert.

Apart from caring for Odhran, Grannie now dedicates her time to spreading awareness about the cost of taking drugs. She shared the scary images of Odhran in the hospital over social media to discourage other teens from making the same mistake.