A number of videos have sprung up on social media showing teenage females physically beating each other as a crowd of onlookers cheers.

The fights are usually one-on-one and extremely violent. It appears the teens seen in the footage are uploading the videos themselves. Some girls appear in more than one video. The "teenage fight club" seems to be organised.

In one video, an onlooker can be heard saying: "You made her nose bleed and you split her up."

The disturbing videos emanate from Queensland, Australia, and seem to be some sort of female "fight club," reports Nine News.

Concerned parents are blaming social media for the proliferation of such videos.

One parent said:" Social media has allowed this whole thing to grow," and added: " I don't know how you stop it, I don't know how you put the lid on this. It's awful behaviour."

The parents of some of the girls featured in the video had no idea what their daughters were up to.

However, one mother confessed her child had repeatedly clashed with the law: "'She's just got court cases and everything to go to for assaulting a copper in the Queen Street mall," she said.

One neighbour of a featured fighter said that she was not surprised in the least for the girl's actions. "Cops were always here, the kids were jumping up on the roof. The parents would just leave the kids and go out,' she said.

According to Nine news, more videos will surface soon, as kids can be heard threatening each other while filming in the already existing footage.

Teen fight club
Their parents had no idea what they were up to. 9news