A security guard who was sacked from Tesco over accusations of stealing has spent the night protesting in the supermarket's roof.

Adama Jammeh has been on the rafters inside a Tesco Extra, in Reading, since yesterday evening (12 October), and has live-streamed his protest on Facebook.

Staff at Britain's largest supermarket chain told shoppers to abandon their trolleys and leave the megastore as the 46-year-old began shouting his protests from the girders last night.

The store remains closed, with police and paramedics at the scene.

Jammeh claims he was falsely accused of stealing by the supermarket chain, which led to his sacking by east London-based security firm TSS (Total Security Services).

He said on his Facebook page: "If Tesco think I'm going to walk away from this, they've got another thing coming."

He adds he has been denied water from his wife, who supports his move and is waiting outside.

"I refuse to take water from Tesco," said the former security guard from The Gambia. "I do not trust it."

He added: "Sorry for some of you that are supposed to come here shopping in this store. It's inconvenient, sorry for that people but it's something I have to do."

In May last year Jammeh was accused of stealing £20,000 of computer tablets from the store and was sacked after a disciplinary hearing, according to online site getreading.

He said he endured an 11-and-a-half-month police investigation into the allegations, including a search of his home, with the case being dropped last month without any charges being pressed.

"Now that my name is clear, I want an apology," he said.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We're aware of an incident at our Reading West Extra store and are assisting police with the matter."

TSS said: "It is our company policy not to comment on individual personal matters."