Tesla and Radio Flyer partner up to bring a little Tesla Model S for kids
The spacious single-seater interior of the new Tesla Model S for Kids displayed Radio Flyer

Tesla and Radio Flyer are working to introduce the Tesla Model S toy for kids. Radio Flyer, best known for its iconic bright red wagons and tricycles, has said it will launch the high-tech toy in May.

Radio Flyer said: "Every Tesla Model S for Kids comes equipped with high-end features to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience. You choose the paint colour, performance, accessories and personalisation."

The brat mobile, grandly dubbed, the Tesla Model S for Kids, is targeted at kids aged between 3-8 years. The single-seater convertible toy car comes equipped with working headlights, spacious leg space (for a moderately built child), a fully functional sound system for the kid to nod along to groovy music and spacious trunk space for storing important things like snacks and extra toys.

Similar to other regular Tesla model cars, the toy version too runs on environmentally friendly power source – batteries. The standard model comes with a 140 Wh lithium-ion battery pack. However, the discerning parent can also choose to opt for the 190 Wh battery pack, which offers "50% more playtime", at $50 extra, the TechCrunch reported.

Keeping safety in mind, kids are offered two different speed levels. One tops out at 3mph, while the other races ahead at 6mph. The car also comes with forward and reverse features, with dedicated buttons placed conveniently for mini Musk fans to operate.

The Model S for Kids comes in three colours, namely, deep blue metallic, midnight silver metallic and red multi-coat. There are various add-on features like silver turbine wheels, which can be purchased for an additional $15. Parents can also splurge on a $25 parking sign, $15 Tesla-branded licence plates and a $50 indoor car cover. Including the cost of the car, the total would come to $800.