Plane crashes into car in Texas
Miraculously no one was injured when a plane flew into a car in Texas (

Three people had a lucky escape in Texas after the pilot of a small plane crashed into a car while landing at the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke.

William Davis' had asked his wife Kandy to record him landing the plane. In the film, the aircraft is seen ploughing into the roof of a black SUV. He is currently training for his pilot's license.

Frank and Heather Laudo had been driving across an access road near the runway of the airport when the incident occurred.

Somehow, no one was seriously injured in the accident. In the video, you hear the two couples arguing after the crash.

Heather said: "Whatever that is it hit our car."

William Davis: "That is the landing gear. You got hit by a plane."

Heather Laudo: "I know that!"

William Davis: "Why did you pull out in front of an airplane, is what I wanna know?"

Frank Laudo: "We didn't see it."

Heather Laudo: "We didn't pull out in front of an airplane."

Kandy Davis: "Yes, you did!"

According to, the Laudos are aviation enthusiasts and visit the airfield a lot. Frank Laudo said: "We're used to the whole protocol of how to wait for the runway and everything like that.

"I knew it was a plane immediately, because when I looked to the left, I saw him and he couldn't have been more than 10 feet away. I thought, 'Wow, he's a little low'."

The Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating the incident. The Laudos suffered from cuts and bruises, while William Davies walked away completely uninjured.

Gilbert Caldwell, deputy chief of the Raonoke Fire Department, is quoted as saying: "When cars cross that area they are supposed to stop and wait for any airplanes. Either the plane didn't see the car or the car didn't see the plane."