Parts of North Texas were left unrecognisable after 16 tornadoes hit the state on Wednesday night killing at least six people and leaving dozens injured.

In the aftermath of the natural disaster, the affected regions saw hundreds of people left homeless while emergency responders were still searching for missing people on Thursday afternoon.

The city of Granbury, which lies about 60 kilometres southwest of Fort Worth, was one of the worst hit regions in the calamity, with wind speeds between 267km/h and 320km/h, according to the National Weather Service. Other badly affected areas included Cleburne and Hood County.

On Thursday authorities searched through debris in the affected areas while residents, who were left homeless overnight, waited to see the remains of their houses and properties.

"I tell you, it has just broken my heart," Habitat for Humanity volunteer Elsie Tallant told ABC News.

Hood County Commissioner Steve Berry on Thursday said that the destruction was so massive he couldn't tell one street from another in Granbury's Rancho Brazos Estates neighborhood.

Describing the search operation for bodies in Granbury, Sheriff Roger Deeds said: "Some were found in houses. Some were found around houses. There was a report that two of these people that they found were not even near their homes. So we're going to have to search the area out there."

Following the disaster, 20,000 homes and businesses in the area were left without power early on Thursday.

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