Famous for its well-patronised sex industry, lady boys, and of course its sandy beaches, Thailand can now add "world's most adulterous country" to its Tripadvisor specialities.

According to a poll compiled by Durex and therichest.com, married Thai men and women are the most promiscuous on the planet, with a whopping 56% admitting to straying.

Although sex work and adultery are not intrinsically linked, it seems that sexual ambiance of the "land of smiles'" does make monogamy a little more difficult.

In second place is Demark, with almost half of all married people playing the field. Sexologist Christian Graugaard blames the open sexual culture of Copenhagen for encouraging extra-marital trysts.

Coming in at number three is Germany with 45%, with German woman apparently the horniest in the European Union. For 60% of these cheats, discretion is key and infidelity is morally acceptable.

Ranked fourth in the European-dominated list is Italy. Despite being home to some of the world biggest philanderers, Silvio Berlusconi's home still has one of the lowest divorce rates across the globe.

Fifth with 43% of cheaters is France. Considering it's the only country in the world which rated Fifty Shades of Grey at 12, it was bound to make the cut. "In the parlance of French films, cheating merely signifies that you're the protagonist," Pamela Druckerman notes in her book Lust in Translation.

The survey which looks at how infidelity varies from nation to nation was based on data from Durex, 'The Richest' and Match.com.

Most Adulterous countries top ten:

1. Thailand- 56%

2. Denmark -46%

3. Germany- 45%

4. Italy-45%

5. France- 43%

6. Belgium- 40%

7. Norway-40%

8. Spain-39%

9. Finland-36%

10. United Kingdom-36%