Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May answers questions from the studio audience during a joint Channel 4 and Sky News general election programme 'May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10'. Stefan Rousseau - WPA Pool/Getty Images

UK Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn faced some tough questions in a television debate and interview with Jeremy Paxman on Monday night. Both politicians appeared separately on the program during which they were questioned on various issues, first from members of the audience and then Paxman, ahead of the 8 June vote.

From Brexit, security and social care plans to education funding and Britain's constitutional monarchy, the Sky News/Channel 4 TV debate saw the leaders questioned on various key topics.

At one point, Paxman pressed the prime minister on her numerous U-turns on policies and suggested that the EU negotiators would see her as a "blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire."

May was also heckled and grilled by audience members on the National Health Service, education funding, cuts to the police and the so-called "dementia tax."

"You've clearly failed", one member of the audience yelled.

Social media, in the meantime, had erupted with a cacophony of hilarious memes poking fun at May's debate performance using just the hashtag #TheresaMayGIFs and no additional explanation.

Amid the thoughtful analysis, discussions and jokes by both pundits and the public online, many social media users picked the debate apart through a series of GIFS from her response to tough questions to Tory HQ and voters' response to her performance.

Many people also ripped apart her answers during the Q&A describing them as "self-damaging", "awful" and weak. A clip showing one man in the audience muttering "That's b*****ks" as she spoke about the NHS also made the rounds online.

"Interviewer: Theresa May what did you have for breakfast? Theresa May: Breakfast is a meal which you have in a meal which you have on a morning, I'm sure you agree", one Twitter user wrote.

"@Theresa_May comes across like someone who has been caught lying on their CV at a job interview," another user tweeted.