These photoshopped images of former US presidents insulting Donald Trump have been creating quite a stir on social media.

The pictures show the former leaders making some rather rude gestures to the current occupant of the Oval Office.

The first image shows a painting of George Washington, the revolutionary general and first president of the United States, giving the middle finger to Trump as he delivers a speech.

Another shows an exasperated Andrew Jackson clearly face-palming while Trump is seen at his desk conducting business on the phone.

The tweet was posted by Enzo A Moray (@JaimsVanDerBeek) and has been retweeted over 8.5k times since its publication on Friday (October 20).

The user also added the caption "whoever made these is a genius".

Trump is of course a fan of Twitter and uses it several times everyday to communicate with his 41 million followers.

Let's hope he somehow doesn't manage to catch a glimpse of Enzo's trending tweet.

Trump middle finger
George Washington's rude gesture towards Trump Twitter/@JaimsVanDerBeek
Trump Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson facepalm Twitter/@JaimsVanDerBeek

Most responding to the tweet have applauded the original artist's imaginative image doctoring - so far there are already 130 replies.

One user wrote: "So, the White House portraits are like the ones from Harry Potter with these pictures? I like the idea."

While user Karl Wag said: "He will probably claim that the painting is a fake."

However, not everyone has been impressed. Some Trump admirers have said they think the images go a step too far and undermine the office of president.

This isn't the first time Donald Trump has been involved in a controversy about his likeness. On Friday (October 20) his son Donald Trump Jr posted on Instagram an altered image of a muscular Donald Trump posing as Superman.

The photoshopped cover of Time magazine also shows the American flag behind Trump and includes the caption: "President Trump. Making America Great Again."