A zoo in Belgium had an exciting moment as a three month old panda cub took his first steps in. The adorable baby panda, currently only named 'Baby P', is seen struggling as he attempts to right himself and take his first panda steps.

Pairi Daiza, a zoo in Brugelette, Belgium, is now asking for the public's help in naming the new arrival. His birth in June was heralded as a 'miracle' with it being only the third panda cub born in a European zoo.

Giant Panda's are classified as endangered, with the IUCN's Red List saying there are only between 1,000 and 2,000 left. Keepers are currently calling the cub 'Baby P' but are hoping to enlist the public's help in choosing a Chinese name for the recent arrival.

The five choices are Tian Bao (Heaven's Treasure); Xing Hao (Good Star); Ou Xing (Star of Europe); Hua Li (China and Belgium); An Tuan (Peace United) – the top three names will then be given over to the carers, who will make the final decision.

"Since the day of its birth on June 2nd 2016,we called our panda cub 'Baby P'. Now time has come to choose a real name for it," the zoo said. "The three names that receive most votes will then be submitted to the team who worked so hard to help achieve our first panda cub – 'The Panda Team'."

You can vote officially through this link.