As Emmanuel Macron supporters rejoiced following his success in getting through to the next round of voting in the French presidential election, one fan in particular appeared to enjoy the moment more than most.

After beating Marine Le Pen of the Front National in the first round of voting by 23.7% and 21.7%, the independent centrist delivered his victory speech at the Parc des Expositions hall in Paris, telling the crowd to wild applause he wants to be the "president of all the people of France, for the patriots facing the threat of nationalism".

However, long after Macron and most virtually everyone else had left, one Macron supporter appeared to want the celebrations to continue further into the night.

In a near-empty room, he was spotted dancing solo and waving at a Macron poster in pure adulation. Several journalists managed to capture it while they remained in the hall to report on Macron's victory.

In his speech, Macron appeared to take a direct swipe at his far-right rival for the presidency. He said: "The challenge is to open a new page in our political life and to take action so that everyone is able to find his or her place in France and in Europe."