If the ongoing coverage of the US elections makes you want to take a long walk off a short pier, we have just the thing to restore your faith in humanity. A hero by the name of Chris Kogos has created a cover of Gorillaz song Feel Good Inc made entirely out of memes.

That's right – every single note of the three minute, forty-one second track has been sampled from famous Vines and YouTube clips, and compiled into one incredible mega-meme for your enjoyment. The video, which was picked up by the folks over at The Next Web, features appearances from meme celebs including peanut butter kid and Gabe the Dog, amongst others. It's basically like Band Aid re-written for the 21<sup>st Century.

But the best thing about the track is how closely it resembles Gorillaz's 2005 original. It might not feature Damon Albarn's distinctive vocals or Jamie Hewlett's band-defining artwork, but it's pretty spot-on for something that's essentially constructed out of material from the internet's garbage heap.

We invite you to watch the resulting masterpiece, embedded above. Donald who?