Netflix has announced a new show that will teach its subscribers how to have better sleep, despite its CEO Reed Hastings once calling sleep the company's biggest competitor.

The streaming giant has collaborated with the popular meditation app "Headspace" for the animated show that has been titled "Headspace Guide to Sleep." The show, a seven-episode docuseries spanning 15-minutes each, reveals the science behind a healthy night's sleep and provides tips on how to get the best sleep you've ever had.

The series explores the different aspects that affect our sleep including insomnia, stress, phones, and sleeping pills. It also offers a "guided wind-down designed to help you on your journey to a better sleep." A 1.14-minute trailer of the show was released on Wednesday, featuring narration by "Eve" who will teach viewers new facts about sleep "backed by science."

According to the trailer, the series will touch on topics like whether or not looking at your phone before bed is "really bad" for your sleep and if you do need a full eight hours at night. "With mindfulness and meditation, this series will give you the tools you need to get a good night's sleep... and wake up ready to take on the day," the narrator said.

Mandatory family watch party when HEADSPACE GUIDE TO SLEEP launches on April 28 - only on Netflix

— Netflix Family (@netflixfamily) April 14, 2021

The series, launching on April 28, has come as a surprise since the OTT platform is itself considered one of the major factors affecting sleeping patterns, due to binge-watching habits that increase too much screen time at night. Reed Hastings said in 2017: "You get a show or a movie you're really dying to watch, and you end up staying up late at night, so we actually compete with sleep. And we're winning."

The irony isn't lost on its subscribers as well. "I love Eve's voice already, just hope I don't end up watching it when I should be sleeping," a user wrote on Twitter, while another commented: "Netflix CEO once declared their biggest competitor was sleep but now they've come up with a series on how to turn off and get a good night's sleep!"

The show is a follow-up to another of Netflix's collab with "Headspace," titled "Headspace Guide to Meditation," that was released early this year.

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It comes after reports that binge-watching TV can ruin your sleep Reuters