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Warmer climates lead to friendlier people. LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI/AFP/Getty Images

People who live in a slightly warmer climate live happier and more engaging lives, scientists have confirmed.

A recent study of about 1.7 million people found that 22 degrees celsius was the perfect temperature to harbour residents that were more agreeable, emotionally stable and extroverted. The logic is straightforward: nicer weather leads people to go outside more often and interact with other members of their community.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, University of Melbourne researcher Professor Samuel Gosling said the information also revealed why people from cold and warm climates have different personalities. Gosling even believed as global warming heats the earth, human personalities will change.

"We know that personality traits vary across geographic regions," Gosling said. "We also know that these geographic personality traits are associated with a broad range of consequential outcomes, including economic activity, for example entrepreneurial start-up rates, crime rates, health behaviours, health outcomes and voting behaviour."

"So learning about the role of personality in potentially influencing these outcomes is of great interest to anyone who wants to affect these outcomes," Gosling said.

In the experiment, 1.66 million Americans and about 6.000 Chinese students were tested on five personality traits: agreeability, conscientiousness, emotional stability, extraversion and openness to new experiences.

Towns with an average temperature of 22 recorded the best results in both samples. Psychology expert Professor Nicholas Haslam said 22 degrees was the "least taxing temperature" for the human body to regulate.

No major UK cities managed to reach an average of 22 degrees each year, some of which even failed to scratch the teens. London, Cambridge and Oxford all have an average temperature of 15 degrees. Manchester and Birmingham were slightly colder at 14 degrees.

Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast all failed to exceed 15 degrees.

If you are keen on moving to the "ideal" temperature, Athens is the most suited in Europe at 22 degrees on the dot. Barcelona, Monaco, Naples and Malta are also ideal, all hovering between 20 and 22 degrees.

Australia also has several locations, including Adelaide, Sydney and the Gold Coast.