It has been a dramatic 24 hours in the White House following the sudden departure of Anthony Scaramucci has communications director.

'The Mooch' was hired on the 21 July and only managed to survive 10 days before being thrown out again.

Technically, his time in the West Wing is even shorter, he was yet to have his official commencement and only started in the job on 25 July, meaning in effect he only lasted six days.

His short tenure was marked by controversial, profanity-laden comments about the former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, not to mention some revealing comments about Donald Trump, both before and during his time as the communications boss.

But the comments made by Trump on a former presidential candidate rival have begun going around on social media.

One of Trump's closest rivals in the 2016 Republican primaries was the senator from Texas, Ted Cruz.

He was forced to fire his national spokesman and communications director, Rick Tyler, for spreading a misleading video about Florida Senator Marco Rubio and comments about the Bible.

Cruz described it as a "grave error" but in the heart of the campaign, it was ammunition for Trump who tweeted: "Wow, Ted Cruz falsely suggested Marco Rubio mocked the Bible and was just forced to fire his Communications Director. More dirty tricks!"

But then about six hours after making his initial attack, Trump appears to suggest that Cruz should have kept Tyler instead of firing him, he tweeted: " Wow was Ted Cruz disloyal to his very capable director of communication. He used him as a scape goat-fired like a dog! Ted panicked."

These two tweets have gone viral on Twitter again in the wake of Scaramucci's demise, with many pointing out the parallels between the two.

Tyler's ousting from the Cruz campaign came on the eve of the Nevada Republican caucus which Trump comfortably won ahead of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who ended a distant third.

'The Mooch' as he is known by his friends and colleagues, was brought into the White House to bring a new period of calm to the White House.

His departure came days after his "schizophrenic" rant about Priebus and on the same day that General John Kelly was sworn in as the new chief of staff. It is understood that Kelly ordered Scaramucci's removal.

Donald Trump Ted Cruz
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the front runners for the Republican presidential nomination Getty