Tinder has introduced a new group dating feature called Tinder Social, aimed at helping people connect with groups via chats and eventually set up dates with multiple people. The feature came under fire for automatically exposing users' Facebook friends who are also active on the app, especially given how most users would prefer not making such information public.

Tinder Social is currently being tested out in Australia, where the feature seems to have been activated automatically for some users. However, Tinder updated the feature such that users can now opt out manually via settings, also effectively avoiding them from appearing on their friends' lists. Opting out, however, means that users will no longer be able to be added to groups or engage in group chats.

In a blog post, Tinder mocked the idea of it being a secret app by reminding users that "Tinder's not a secret considering 70% of users download Tinder because their friends recommend it."

Tinder insists, "It's not group dating, it's a fun new way to meet new people out with your friends."

The feature operates in much the same way as allowing individual users find dates; it allows users to swipe right or left, except users will be swiping groups instead of one individual. Users who choose to use Social will have to create a group, add friends they plan to go out with and then "swipe and match with other groups also going out". Users can also start conversations with their group matches via chat and determine their interests.

Tinder is yet to specify when the feature is likely to be rolled out globally.