As the 100th anniversary Titanic Memorial Cruise reaches the mid-Atlantic Ocean on April.13, 2012; passengers assembled for a reception on board the MS Balmoral in period costumes and traditional dresses.

The passengers donned the period costumes to retrace the historic trip with nostalgia and style. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ill-fated voyage, two cruises were organised, one from Southampton and the other from New York City.

The aim was to retrace the path of the Titanic liner which hit an iceberg and sank 100 years ago on April 15, 1912. Both the ships will meet exactly at the spot where the liner sank 100 years ago where commemorative services will be held.

The MS Balmoral carries 1,309 passengers which is exactly the same number of passengers that were there at the Titanic. The passengers include relatives of those who lost their lives on the great ship, relatives of survivors, authors, historians and people who are just fascinated by the Titanic story will set sail on the historic one-off event.

Besides this, the liner also includes a team of lecturers and leading experts on the RMS Titanic who will provide an insight about the ill-fated ship. This includes Philip Littlejohn, grandson of Titanic survivor Alexander James Littlejohn who is the only Titanic relative to have made a dive to the wreck site.

"This cruise has been five years in the making and every step of the way we have sought to make it authentic to the era and a sympathetic memorial to the passengers and crew who lost their lives," Miles Morgan, managing director of Miles Morgan Travel which organised the cruise said.

The food on board will be based on the dishes served in April 1912. The menu has been created by executive chef on the Balmoral, Dirk Helsig, who has researched the menus that were served on board. A formal dinner served during the reception event on April.13, 2012, in fact, consisted of a menu made up entirely of dishes which were served on the Titanic.

Get a glimpse of the passengers dressed in period costumes during the reception party at the MS Balmoral in the images given below: