A2-year-old girl in Thailand was left with a severely damaged eye after being viciously attacked by an abandoned dog Tuesday.

The girl lived with her parents at a factory camp in Bang Khen, Bangkok. The toddler's mother had gone to work, and her father had just stepped away to take a shower when he heard the child screaming in pain. He rushed out to find the dog viciously attacking her head. He quickly chased the canine away, but the toddler had already suffered serious injuries by then, The Thaiger reported.

The man rushed the child to a local hospital, where the doctors said her left eye was badly damaged. She underwent an emergency surgery during which she received silicone implants to repair her damaged tear ducts. The doctors told her parents she may not be able to open the left eye again.

This was not the first time the dog has attacked a child in the camp. Many parents are scared to let their kids go outside due to the canine.

The dog reportedly belonged to a former factory worker who left it there and moved to another camp belonging to the same firm. When the parents contacted the owner of the dog, he claimed no responsibility for the attack, saying he had abandoned the canine at the camp five years ago. The man, however, offered $14 as compensation for the loss of the toddler's eye, Asean Now reported.

The parents have requested a local animal shelter to relocate the dog to so that the children and workers at the factory can roam outside without fear.

Earlier this week, a pet dog mauled a toddler to death at her home in Ohio after getting agitated during an altercation between two adults. Medics arrived at the residence and rushed the 16-month-old girl to a local hospital after she was attacked by one of the family's two pit bulls. She succumbed to injuries at the hospital. After the incident, both the dogs were removed from the home by the City animal control.

Pit Bull
Representational image of a pit bull dog. Photo: pixabay