Edge of Tomorrow
Tom Cruise in his Edge of Tomorrow mech suit. Warner Bros

After the super success of Edge of Tomorrow, director Doug Liman is all set for a sequel. While giving an update on the much-awaited project, Liman also revealed that Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are excited to start filming for the second movie in the franchise.

"Tom and Emily [Blunt] and I are really excited to go do it," he told Collider. Liman, however, revealed that they were yet to figure out dates to begin filming.

"We have a script. We're just trying to find a time to schedule it, between my schedule and Emily's and Tom's," he added.

With the tagline of "Live. Die. Repeat." the first film won accolades both from critics and fans for its unique time-loop concept. The second movie is rumoured to be a prequel to the original one where Cruise plays Major William "Bill" Cage, a public affairs officer who was forced into combat.

The director also teased a "great story" for the second movie keeping fans' expectation in mind. "But it's one of these things where it's a sequel whose origins come from the best possible place, which is, it's not a studio saying, 'Hey, we think we can make some more money."

"Let's just stamp out another one.' This sequel originated with fans of the original film who continually came up to Tom and myself and Emily and told us how much they loved the movie and would we ever consider a sequel. And enough people said that to me and to Tom and to Emily that we finally sat down and said, 'What would a sequel even look like?' We ended up with Chris McQuarrie coming up with a great story," Liman told the website.

Since both, Liman and Cruise are currently occupied with their respective projects, one could assume that Edge of Tomorrow 2 will only be able to hit the theatres after 2019.