Like many of you I have a list of books I want to read that is far too long but that doesn't mean we have to stop looking for new books, right?

This is why I have done the hard work for you and tracked down some of the best Science Fiction novels that are coming out in 2023. They cover a wide range of subgenres within Science Fiction and offer the escapism everyone is looking for. Whether you are looking for your first furrow into Science Fiction or if you are just wondering what is coming out in 2023, I think you will find something that will interest you here.

1. Chain-Gang All-Stars by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

Chain-Gang All-Stars by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
Chain-Gang All-Stars by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

This novel is centred around two female prisoners who are called Loretta Thurwar and Hamara "Hurricane Staxxx" Stacker who are also in love but also competing against each other for their freedom. The CAPE known as Criminal Action Penal Entertainment is a popular, controversial and highly profitable program in America's private prison industry.

Prisoners fight to the death in front of packed arenas with the winner gaining one step closer to freedom. Thugwar is only a few matches away from being released but will the corporate owners of CAPE have second thoughts? We all know that corporate America will stop at nothing to protect its profits.

The book is expected to be released in April.

2. The Deep Sky by Yume Kitasei

Earth has become inhabitable. One ship carries the hopes and dreams of humanity. Eighty elite graduates of a competitive program have been given the task to give birth to a generation of children in deep space. Halfway into their journey, to a liveable planet, a bomb explodes. Three of the crew are killed and the ship, The Phoenix, is knocked off course.

Asuka is the only surviving witness and is immediately a suspect. She already felt like an outcast before the explosion, she struggled during her training and was chosen to represent Japan, a country she only party knowns, having been raised in America.

Everyone is turning on each other so Asuka must find the culprit before they all lose faith in the mission or the bomber strikes again.

The book is expected to be released on July 18th.

3. The Ten Percent Thief by Lavanya Lakshminarayan

The Ten Percent Thief is about a rebellion set in Apex City, formally Bangalore. Apex City is a place where if you have the right image, values and opinions you can climb up the social ladder into the "Twenty Percent" also known as the Virtual elite.

If you don't meet the criteria, you risk falling into the "Ten Percent" and be deported to the Analogs, which has no access to electricity or running water. Everything is running perfectly.

Until, the "Ten Percent Thief" steals a jacaranda seed from the Virtual city and plants it in the Analog world.

This novel sounds intriguing with a good concept, hopefully the execution is just as good.

The book is out in March.

4. The Thick and the Lean by Chana Porter

In the Religious town of Seagate, abstaining from food brings you closer to God.

However, all Beatrice Bolano can think about is the forbidden butter, flambe and marzipan. Seagate begins to take extreme measures to regulate everything it's citizens eat. Beatrice is forced to choose between her passion for cooking or leave.

Reiko Rimando has moved to college on a scholarship in the big city. She is the best student. She is set up for success until her school pulls her funding, leaving her with a choice. A mountain of debt or a humiliating return home. Reiko is done with being at the mercy of the system and decides to make a third option, outside of the law.

They are both using the guidance of a mysterious cookbook written by a kitchen maid centuries ago. They are both trying to achieve a life of freedom in a world dominated by corporate greed, perils of body politics and the stigmas women face.

The book is out April 18th.

5. In the Lives of Puppets by TJ Klune

In the Lives of Puppets
In the Lives of Puppets by TJ Klune TJ Klune

In a little home built into the branches of a grove tree live three robots. Fatherly android Giovanni Lawson, a pleasantly sadistic nurse machine and a small vacuum desperate for love and attention. Victor Lawson, a human, also lives there. They form a, hidden and safe, makeshift family.

One day Victor finds and repairs an unfamiliar robot labelled "HAP", he learns of a dark past shared between HAP and Giovanni. A past which consisted of hunting humans.

HAP unwittingly alerts robots from Giovanni's former life to their whereabouts. The family is no longer safe. Giovanni is captured and taken back to his old life in the City of Electric Dreams. The rest of the family must save him.

The book is out April 25th.

6. The Terraformers by Annalee Newitz

The Terraformers is set in the future on Sask-E and centres around the life of Destry. She has dedicated her life, and so have generations of her family, to care for the planet and its eco-systems on the Environment Rescue Team.

All of this is put under threat after Destry discovers a city full of people, hidden inside a massive volcano.

As she learns more about this new civilisation, she begins to question the mission she and her family have been devoted too.

The book is out Janurary 31st.

7. Village in the Sky by Jack McDevitt

Village in the Sky by Jack McDevitt
Village in the Sky by Jack McDevitt Jack Mcdevitt

Village in the sky is the ninth book in the Alex Benedict series. Humanity discovers new intelligent life light years away but then it disappears without a trace.

The explorer vessel, The Columbia, comes across a small town on a habitable plant. An undiscovered intelligent species is living there.

However, when a follow up mission is sent to make contact months later, the entire town has vanished. Alex Benedict and his archaeological crew are called to investigated. Their official goal is to find concealed artifacts but their real goals is to solve the mystery of how they disappeared so quickly and, the important question, why did they disappear.

The book is out January 31st.

8. The road to Roswell by Connie Willis

When Francie arrives in Roswell, New Mexico, for her college roommate's UFO themed wedding she can't help but roll her eyes at all this talk of aliens existing. Then she gets abducted by one.

Odder, the alien, is far from what the popular media would expect him to look like, with a body like a tumbleweed and a mass of lightning-fast tentacles. You can only imagine the surprise of Francie when Odder then abducts a charming con man named Wade, a sweet little old lady with a gambling addiction, a retiree with a huge RV and a love for old westerns, and a UFO chasing nutjob who is convinced the alien's only intention is to probe them and take over the planet.

As Francie spends more time with Odder she is convinced he is not an invader but that he's in trouble and needs her help.

This book is pact with conspiracy theories of Men in Black and chemtrails, it even has an Elvis impersonator in it. Francie experiencing all this whilst stuck in a lime green bridesmaid's dress.

The book is out June 27th.

9. Secret Project #1 by Brandon Sanderson

There isn't much known about Brandon Sanderson's new book apart from the title which is Tress of the Emerald Sea. This series of books has been funded through a KickStarter.

I think this makes it all the more intriguing and a gasp of fresh air from the usual method of publishing books. The KickStarter is a subscription with there being four books in the series but I'm sure you will be able to pick up the book second-hand from numerous websites later in the year. The cost of having new hardcopies of the books is £135 plus shipping fees.

The first book is out in January.

10. Arch Conspirator by Veronica Roth

This dystopian novel is set in the last city on Earth, outside of the city is a baron wasteland. Within the City Antigone's parents have been murdered, leaving her father's throne vacant. Normally going to the Archive, where all the dead are stored, is a cause for celebration but as Antigone's uncle Kreon rises to place a claim to the throne. He welcomes her along with her siblings into a mansion but as soon as she enters it is already too late. She is put in a cage where she is held.

Kreon will soon learn a cage cannot hold Antigone.

You might be thinking this sounds like a Science Fiction dystopian Lion King and I would agree with you. It will be interesting to see this adaptation of the Disney classic.

The book is out February 21st .