A decommissioned plane, a Georgian mansion and a building shaped like a giant Happy Meal have all been included in a list of the wackiest McDonald's restaurants in the world.

Although no UK restaurants were included in the list, which was compiled by The Daily Meal food website, a rather grandoise location in Ireland's County Wicklow did make the final cut.

The restaurant is nestled in Bray Town Hall, a Tudor-style edifice which dates back to the 19th century and is complete with huge wrought iron gates.

Yet this dignified setting has nothing on the McDonald's in Taupo, New Zealand, which emerged in top spot. This Taupo branch is lodged in a decommissioned DC3 plane, allowing customers to sit inside the cabin and stare at the cockpit while they eat.

Owner Eileen Byrne said it was a surprise to be voted the best McDonald's in the world. She told Stuff.co.nz: "Competition looked pretty stiff, but clearly they were really impressed with the plane.

"There are close to 35,000 McDonald's in the world, so to think we've been noted not just in the Top 10 but number one is pretty cool."

New York's Hyde Park McDonald's came in second place, with its Georgian mansion setting that dates back to 1795.

The house was originally purchased by McDonald's with the intention of tearing it down and rebuilding a new restaurant, but locals stopped the chain from doing so: "This resulted in the most elegant restaurant in the McDonald's franchise, complete with a glassed-in veranda seating area and a grand staircase," the food magazine said.

Third spot went to the McDonald's by the Spanish Steps in Rome, while fourth place went to a restaurant in Dallas, Texas, which is shaped like a giant happy meal.

"In the state where bigger is better, this massive meal of a building includes a playroom in the Happy Meal box, as well as huge hamburgers, towering French fries ,and massive cups of Coke," Daily Meal said.

"The inside of the restaurant sports Austrian crystal chandeliers, Ralph Lauren wallpaper, granite floors, and mahogany booths."