Topshop Offers Exclusive Discounts and Deals with New SCVNGR App Reuters

Topshop launches a new iPhone app which allows users to earn discounts and rewards through completing fashion-themed challenges.

Released August 5 the app which is free to download also offers users the chance to win a £500 shopping spree even 20% discount in store.

Challenges offered include trend spotting on Topshop clothing brand as well as sharing your favourite 'back to college' outfit.

The app titled SCVNGR is the first time a high street shop has collaborated with digital technology in such innovative taste.

Managing director of Topshop Mary Homer said: "We're always looking for new and innovative ways to engage our customers. Following the popularity of SCVNGR in the United States we wanted to offer our student customers the ability to interact with our brand, on and off-line in a more fun and engaging way" quoted the Huffington Post.

Although not restricted too, students are the prime target for this SCVNGR, due to its fun and money saving appeal.

The game, which works on a points system, can be played by anyone in a 500m- radius of a Topshop store, reports the Huffington Post.

Players choose the reward they want and then complete the challenges needed to accumulate the required number of points. Rewards include a 20 per cent discount in-store and entry into the £500 prize draw.

CEO of SCVNGR Seth Priebatsch added: "SCVNGR's game engine enables Topshop to convey their image through custom scripted challenges whilst inviting consumers to browse its collections. We are thrilled to be launching with such an iconic company as our first challenges and rewards retail brand campaign outside of North America."

The App is available through mobile phones, specifically iPhone and Android app.

Click here to download the Topshop app: SCVNGR