A Conservative MP has faced a social media backlash after sharing an info-graphic claiming the now defunct British Empire had won the most medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Heather Wheeler, who has represented South Derbyshire since the 2010 general election, posted the image from the Gudio Fawkes blog after the European Parliament seemed to suggest that the political and economic union had secured the most medals in Brazil.

The Brussels controlled Twitter account claimed the EU had won 325 medals, putting it in pole position ahead of the USA's 121 medals and China's 70 medals.

The official Rio medals table, which ranks gold medals over grand totals, put the USA first (46), Great Britain (27) second and China third (26).

Wheeler has since stressed her Tweet was a "tongue-in-cheek" pop at the European Parliament.

"I also wanted to congratulate Team GB on a brilliant result and thirdly congratulate the Commonwealth countries who also did very well," she told the Burton Mail.

"Fourth, I am also looking forwarded to establishing new trade agreements. That was it – nothing more. Let's just enjoy the summer!"

But the Eurosceptic, who is currently on holiday in the south of France according to her office, was urged to apologise by Labour MP David Lammy. The Remain campaigner called the post as "unbelievable" and "so deeply offensive to so many people and their ancestors".

IBTimes UK has approached Wheeler for comment.