A group of tourists staged a swimming race through the streets of Hue after a massive typhoon flooded parts of central and southern Vietnam. In the video, two tourists can be seen standing in the middle of a street knee-high in flood water.

The two then set off on a swimming race through the flood waters, as others can be heard cheering them on. According to the original Instagram post, the two had something every tourist desires to motivate them in the race: a prize of free accommodation.

"What do you do when a Typhoon hits Vietnam?" wrote the uploader, Joanna Vallsater. "Swimming race on the street for free accommodation of course!" There was no word on who won the free stay at Hue's Freedom Hostel.

Typhoon Damrey made landfull in Vietnam on Saturday (4 November). According to Reuters, it is the 12th major storm to hit the country in 2017. Over 40,000 homes were reportedly damaged by the storm that is thought to have left 89 dead and 18 missing.

On Tuesday, the country's disaster management authority said that parts of the main highway still had up to a metre of water covering it. $44m (£33.4m) of relief aid is being aimed at victims.

Vietnam will host the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit this week, with some worries that storm damage could disrupt visits by world leaders.