Transformers Age of Extinction
Optimus Prime with new dinobot ally Grimlock Paramount Pictures

Transformers: Age of Extinction, one of the biggest Hollywood hits of 2014, struck the right cord with fans with over the top action sequences involving their favourite hero Optimus Prime.

The last movie introduced the Dinobots who help the Autobots in the battle against Galvatron and his army.

Rumours are abuzz that the second of the Mark Wahlberg starrer Transformers trilogy will feature a new set of transformers.

Though the Age of Extinction did extremely well at the box office to become one of the highest grosser movies of 2014, it received negative reviews for poor plot, and unnecessary and high-voltage special effects.

Hellels reports that the second movie in the trilogy will introduce new characters including Rodimus Prime, Vector Prime and Unicron.

The website also speculates that Unicron will enter the movie as the evil twin brother of Optimus Prime.

Vcpost on the other hand, suspects that Galvatron, who was created using the data of Deception's brain, will return in Transformers 5 to make human life on earth miserable by launching catastrophic attacks.

The Transformers 4 ended with Optimus Prime flying into space to meet the Creators and seek answers from them. He also takes the destroyer 'seed' along with him.

The sequel will feature his journey into outer space, while his army of vehicle transforming robots will stay on earth to protect human kind.

Though there is speculation that the movie will be released in 2016, the production house is yet to confirm a specific date.