Along with playing mother, one Icelandic man will have to play father to his newborn baby as well. Henrý Steinn, a transgender man, recently gave birth to a baby girl after finding out he was pregnant during the early stages of his gender transition.

The 19-year-old has already started living as a man and was about to begin his testosterone treatment when he found out he was carrying. "I was well into the consultation and was living as a man but was about one or two months away from starting the hormone treatment when I found out I was pregnant," he told the website Gay Iceland.

"It would probably have been less likely for me to fall pregnant after that, but not impossible."

After consulting with his doctor and therapist, Steinn decided to delay his hormone treatment and proceed with the pregnancy. He added: "It was a bit of a shock when I started suspecting it, but very soon I started seeing it as an opportunity to have my own baby."

On 13 April he gave birth to a heath baby via Caesarean and plans to breastfeed the baby for a time and then "expects to resume the consultation for the transition as soon as possible".

The new dad's family are excited about the addition to the family and Steinn himself has not faced any major criticism. "As far as I've noticed, people have a laissez-faire attitude. I'm pretty laid back and open about these things but to be honest, I haven't experienced any prejudice so far.

"I come from a big family with lots of babies − my daughter is my mother's tenth grandchild and for as long as I remember, I've wanted to have children," he said.

Þórir Leó Pétursson, who has been in a relationship with Steinn since February 2015, is the baby's father.

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