A former "butch lesbian" who fell in love as a trans non-binary male decided to stop the hormone treatment he began in 2014 and successfully got pregnant in February 2020. Lawyer Bennett Kaspar-Williams, 36, fell in love with interior designer Malik Kaspar-Williams, 39, in 2017 and decided to start a family.

They tied the knot in May 2019 and in the very same week, Bennett made the decision to stop taking his testosterone treatment to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

According to the couple, they had spoken about starting a family and knew they both definitely wanted to push through with it. However, they were not sure if Bennett would be able to carry a baby after he had already started transitioning. With his menstrual cycle taking several months to return to normal, the couple waited to start trying for a conception until Christmas last year.

"I had a load of strip tests and was taking them basically every day. After the second month, the pregnancy strips kept getting darker and darker, until Malik caved and bought a proper digital one for us. We were super excited, we couldn't wait," Bennett said.

In just two months into trying, the couple found out they were expecting in February.

Meanwhile, according to an article on Wales Online, it seems the couple is still planning to have a second baby and Bennett may well have to wait a while longer to resume his hormone treatment.

"We like the idea of having a little sibling for the baby," he said.

"It makes sense to do it sooner rather than later. So I'm a bit hesitant about going back on hormones, only to come off again six months later – I'm not sure my mental or physical health could take it," he explained further.

Looking back to his transition phase, two years into his hormone treatment, Bennett had opted for surgery in 2015 to remove his breasts. The procedure cost him £3,924. He said the operation made him realise how unhappy he was having female breasts. However, he said he had no dysphoria on certain body parts but felt a huge relief after the surgery.

On the other hand, Bennett points out that the bottom half of the surgery is not going to be on the table as he has no dysphoria with that part of his body. Hence, he began feeling more confident to start dating men during that phase.

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