A group of amateur cave explorers will be trapped for at least the next 48 hours due to rising water levels and poor weather conditions.

Eight people were exploring Hölloch Cave in Switzerland when the increase of water trapped them inside. The explorers, aged between 25 and 55, could be stuck in the cave for another week, according to 20 Minutes.

The crew, which is comprised entirely of men, entered the cave on Saturday (20 January) morning. They were expected to exit on Sunday (21 January) morning but were blocked by the water. A team of four rescuers was sent in to the check on their safety. After four hours, they were found 3km from the cave's entrance.

The rescue team used a more complicated path to reach the trapped team of eight. The different and more demanding route cannot be used by the amateurs to escape.

According to Speleo Secours, the eight cave explorers are all safe and are camping in a bivouac. "The situation is constantly being reassessed," the release states. "Given the current water level in the Hölloch and weather forecasts, the head of intervention assumes that people trapped in the cavity can not leave before 48 hours."

Local police said on Monday (22 January) that the men have plenty of food and water to last out the situation. Officials from Speleo Secours have warned that "it could also take a week" to free the men.

Getting caught in Hölloch Cave is not uncommon in winter.