Seville Spain
The new driving rule came in place in Spain on Jan. 23 MARCELO DEL POZO/Reuters

A travel warning has been issued to people heading to Spain in the coming days amid the country's new driving rules and a breach could lead to a hefty fine.

The new driving rule that was brought in place on Jan. 23 states that if a driver fails to use their turn signals correctly, they would be slapped with a fine of around £170, according to reports in the English media.

A driver could get into trouble with Spanish traffic police if they do not indicate when turning, changing lanes, overtaking, exiting roundabouts or parking. As per the new rule, a person will be expected to signal before making these manoeuvres even if there are no other vehicles nearby.

Not indicating was considered as a minor offence previously in Spain but now the country's General Directorate of Traffic is cracking down on rule-breakers. Drivers who use the signals incorrectly will also be subject to the same £170 fine. Motorists could also be fined £68 if they're too slow to indicate before changing direction.

Spain's driving rules around the use of turn signals differ from the UK's. Spain is one of the most visited countries by British tourists, mostly because it can easily be reached by road, rail or air. Many British tourists prefer to rent cars while exploring and therefore, they must be careful while driving around in the Western European country.

It has been reported that the Spanish authorities have established these new rules because of a large number of road accidents in Spain, a result of wrong signals by the drivers. Cars "darting in and out of traffic with little warning" and "jumping across lanes" has been creating a lot of nuisance for locals.

This is not the only rule that holidaymakers need to keep in mind when travelling to Spain this year. Earlier this month, the Spanish government made wearing face masks mandatory, becoming the first country across Europe to reintroduce face mask requirements. Following the rise in COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses in Spain, people have been asked to wear a face mask while entering certain buildings like hospitals and health centres.

Meanwhile, several of Spain's notorious islands have been making new rules and regulations for tourists to deal with anti-social behaviour. Majorca and Ibiza last year introduced restrictions on how much tourists can drink on all-inclusive breaks. Travellers can only drink six alcoholic drinks a day - three at lunch and three with their evening meal.

The sale of alcohol in shops can happen only between 9.30 pm and 8 am and advertising party boats in some areas has also been banned.