Some pro-wrestling moves in the WWE are performed by the entire roster, but, there are some special moves that can only be executed by a few wrestlers.

The People's Elbow is a move that only The Rock – real name Dwayne Johnson - can perform as it is his signature move. It is well remembered by fans, and it is one of the many things that make the People's Champion an icon in the pro-wrestling scene.

A special move has to be created and The Rock did just that when he was rising through the ranks in the federation. The origin of the move was revealed by Triple H on BBC Radio 1.

Hunter talked about how the wrestlers would try to make each other laugh — particularly The Undertaker — during house shows in the 1990s. He then disclosed how The People's Elbow came into existence.

"You're trying to make each other laugh and one night The Rock did The People's Elbow. [It] wasn't known as The People's Elbow, it was known as 'watch this move that's going to make all of you lose it in your corners'," Triple H said as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

"These things morph in those ways, but they catch on," Triple H said. "Trust me, we're quick to go, 'oooh, they like that, I'm sticking with that.'"

The People's Elbow became a part of The Rock's arsenal as fans liked what they saw but Triple H found it to be the "hokiest looking move ever".

"You've gotta wait for like 20 minutes while he takes his elbow pad off and works the crow. He runs back and forth, then he comes up and drops an elbow on you that looks like it barely touches you, except that a lot of times the point of his elbow hits you right in the mouth and you come up bleeding and you're like, 'how can you bust me open on that,'" Triple H said.

The Rock
Former WWE superstar The Rock