Now in 2017 it is perhaps the case that the dying mainstream media, and the emerging social media based giants are perhaps around level pegging in terms of influence. The former on the way down is meeting the latter on the way up. This is even though the newbies won in 2016, with Brexit and Trump.

The Battles of 2016

Still, when push comes to shove the people in the mainstream media are still elite enough (or their lackeys) to hold sway. What is interesting about the battles of 2016 is of course in true EU tradition, the Liberal Metropolitan Elite (LME) never take no for an answer. It is rinse and repeat until the right answer is extracted.

We have seen that with the likes of Tony Blair, Gina Miller, and even Nick Clegg. Perhaps such determination is to be commended? But not accepting the result of a very biased pro Remain campaign was and is as curious, as still kicking and screaming against what should be a done deal.

The issue though, as far as this new breed of LME (they have always existed) is not being able to understand an issue in a post truth, fake news world – admittedly something which is not easy to do.

The same story exists with getting Brexit wrong as getting Trump wrong. He was a win that should never have happened. This is rather like believing that because you do not want to die, you never will.

The narrative after these two "disasters" has been to suggest to us that they are only temporary affairs, or that somehow they can be diluted or fudged. Actually, it is highly likely that they cannot. Even worse, it could very well be that the result of Brexit is as bad as Project Fear suggested, or Donald Trump takes us even closer to World War III than we already are.

Donald Trump

Frankenstein's Monster

In fact, the 45th President of the United States has already revealed himself to be a Frankenstein's monster of some of the worst characteristics of recent presidents, from Ford's "intellect", Carter's weakness, LBJ's down-home style, Reagan's memory, and George W Bush's general knowledge.

We are in a situation with Trump, where having failed to get anything he was elected to do done at home, or at least giving no time frames, he has decided to look further afield. Alas, what we are seeing is someone with the foreign policy skills you would expect of someone who quite probably could not point to his targets on a map.

A Double Loss

For the mainstream media / LME, we are therefore looking at a double loss with Trump in his first 100 days, not seeing him coming, and then not being able to convert the open goal of his catalogue of non achievements, misses, and amateur hour sound bites / tweets.

For some reason, probably the hope of a high profile disaster, his many enemies have not stuck the knife in fully. So far it is under the guise of balance coverage / wait and see – something which was strangely missing before his election.

1,000 Days

As far as President Trump is concerned, in the first 100 days he has already managed to fail at more things, including the lack of swamp draining, than most Presidents do in a full term. One would not rule out him throwing his toys out of the pram and resigning before 1,000 days are up, after realising his initial lame duck becomes a dead duck.

Zak Mir has been involved with most areas of the City of London finance space for the best part of 30 years, as a stockbroker and derivatives dealer in the 1990s and then a financial analyst and commentator since 2000 appearing on Bloomberg, CNBC and the BBC. He is currently involved with expanding internet TV and production group TipTV. Follow Zak on Twitter.