Donald Trump
Trump is once again being mocked on social media after tweeting the word "We." Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump is once against being mocked on social media after tweeting the word "We" over the weekend. Although the accidental tweet was quickly deleted, eagle-eyed social media users wasted no time speculating what the president meant to say and completed the sentence for him.

While some added their own creative endings to the incomplete tweet, others offered their own sarcasm-laced takes to mock the president.

Using the hashtag #We, some took the opportunity to air their serious grievances with Trump's administration amid the ongoing scrutiny following former FBI director James Comey's recent firing.

Comey was heading an ongoing investigation into alleged links between Russia and Trump's campaign.

Adam Parkhomenko, a former aide of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton encouraged Twitter users to "tell Trump how you really feel" using the viral hashtag.

Many social media users responded by voicing their concerns over Trump's tax returns, healthcare and urged the president to unify and take care of the country.

Parkhomenko tweeted: "#We want your tax returns? Which tax returns? All of them." In another tweet he wrote, "#We want a special prosecutor."

"#We The People want a President and White House that has integrity, justice, the rule of law, compassion and NO Russian ties!" one user tweeted.

"#We want Congress to subpoena those tapes NOW!" another wrote.

One Twitter user wrote in a series of tweets: "#We the People need you, the occupier of the WH, to understand that our country is a democracy, that our government is beautifully crafted. #We the People enjoy checks and balances of 3 branches, and we remind you that you are not king."

Meanwhile, some Twitter users completed the one-word tweet music with music lyrics from "...Will we will rock you" to "Don't need no education." A few Internet users mockingly praised it as Trump's best and most unifying tweet ever.