An election campaign for US President Donald Trump has wiped all mention of a 'Muslim ban' from its press section.

The White House administration is currently attempting to defend a revised 'travel ban' in court, as opposed to A 'Muslim ban', that would be deemed unconstitutional by targeting one religion.

The administration's first attempt — focused on seven Muslim majority countries — ended a rushed failure, with many travellers stuck in legal limbo at airports. Some citizens were even initially refused entry despite having valid visas.

After days of controversy, the order was halted in federal courts. The current iteration is now fighting its way through the district court system.

During a press conference on Monday (8 May), ABC reporter Cecilia Vega asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer: "Why does the question's website still explicitly call for 'preventing Muslim immigration' and it says 'Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States.'?'"

Apparently unaware of the content still live on the campaign website, Spicer argued the administration had solely spoken about the ban as "a travel ban ... in this country's national security interest".

Vega then tweeted that "minutes" after her question, "it appears the statement was deleted".

A check of the website shows that the section, which had previously held press releases under the categories 'statements', 'announcements', 'endorsements' and 'ads', was now completely blank.