Stalin, Trump, Hitler
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After an election campaign that saw violence applauded, racism cheered and a crowd raising one hand to pledge allegiance to a candidate, it might not be surprising that US President-elect Donald Trump has been compared to history's most authoritarian dictators.

Whether calling for an immigration ban on an entire religion or suggesting that a particular nationality are rapists, the rhetoric of nationalism seemed alive and well as the campaign trail edged slowly towards the Trump victory.

But these kinds of comparisons are often made blithely by those on the other side looking for an easy smear. In a 1944 essay, George Orwell said that the word 'fascism' was essentially meaningless because it is used to describe so many different things. Nowadays, we even use the word 'Nazi' to describe people who are really into grammar.

Aside from name-calling, when it comes down to Trump's actual words, how similar is he to the world's most brutal leaders? Do you think you could spot whether a quote came from the next President of the United States or one of the two most vicious dictators in modern human history, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin?

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