A council worker from Brighton took the opportunity to lecture Donald Trump on climate change after he mistakenly tweeted her instead of his daughter. The president-elect's daughter shares her first name with Ivanka Majic, a 42-year-old former Labour Party worker from the UK's south coast.

Trump quoted a tweet directed to him by a Twitter user named Lawrence Goodstein, from Massachusetts, that said his daughter Ivanka Trump was "a woman with real character and class" on Monday 17 January. It followed a CNN documentary portraying Ivanka Trump as "one of the most influential and powerful first daughters in history".

However, Goodstein had used the handle @Ivanka, not @IvankaTrump, which was then circulated by Trump to his 20.1 million followers. By 6am, Majic was being called by reporters wanting to chat to her about the embarrassing mistake.

Once Majic was alerted to the mishap by the property mogul, she responded : "@realDonaldTrump @drgoodspine And you're a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time learning about #climatechange."

Majic, a climate change campaigner, attached a chart stating that only 0.24% of US scientists had declared opposition to the theory that the environment was being damaged by humans.

She told the BBC: "I came downstairs to check my phone and I had so many notifications! It's very unusual to be speaking to both ITV and the BBC 45 minutes into your day.

"I'm someone who has used Twitter since 2007. A new thing comes along and you create a username never thinking that one day Ivanka Trump's dad will be President."

She added: "During the election I had a Twitter bot for everyone who accidentally mentioned me, encouraging them to vote for Hillary [Clinton]".

Trump, a huge fan of Twitter with his regular rants filling column inches around the globe, has not acknowledged his mistaken tweet, although Goodstein has since made his account private.

The post has to date been retweeted 2,800 times and favourited 22,000 times, with thousands more replies.

The bombastic billionaire is a notorious climate change sceptic. He once famously tweeted: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive."