Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appeared at a charity event in New Jersey and addressed a huge gathering of Americans belonging to the Hindu community on Saturday, 15 October.

The event, Humanity United Against Terror, was organised by the Republican Hindu Coalition, whose founder Shalabh Kumar, is one of the biggest fundraisers for Trump.

Speaking to a crowd of thousands, Trump said: "I am a big fan of Hindu and a big fan of India."

Praising India for helping combat terrorism, he said, "We can't have prosperity without security, and that is why we appreciate the great friend India has been to the United States in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism."

According to, the event saw the participation of survivors of terrorism and Bollywood performers.

Trump promised that India and the US would be "best friends" if he is elected president.

"The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House, that I can guarantee," he said.

"I have great confidence in India. Incredible people, incredible country. Generations of Indian and Hindu Americans have strengthened our country… your values, your hand work; education and enterprise have truly enriched our nation and we will be celebrating a Trump administration together."

Trump also had warm words for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called him an "energetic man" and a "great leader".

Trump supporters at the event said they found common ground with him on his tough stand against "radical Islamic terror" and his promise of low taxes.

One of the supporters at the rally, Hemant Bhatt, told that the Hindu community favours Trump because "he is a real man".

Bhatt added saying, "He speaks what he thinks. He is going to work for India, and he believes in Hinduism. He is going to ban the Muslims from Pakistan. India is a victim of terrorism, and illegal immigration."

Arif Rafiq, of the Middle East Institute think tank tweeted a series of videos from the event. The concert included a Michael Jackson impersonator who was interrupted by a singer performing a bangra version of 'Beat It', and ballroom dancers being attacked by Islamic militants before being rescued by Asian-American soldiers and swearing the Oath of Allegiance.