A transgender activist has labelled president-elect Donald Trump as "embarrassing" in a series of tweets that has gone viral.

Danielle Muscato, formerly Dave Muscato, sent the angry rant of messages to Trump after the president- elect criticised Saturday Night Live's latest sketch of himself, featuring Alec Baldwin.

Trump labelled the show "unwatchable", "totally biased" and "not funny", but Muscato felt the newly elected Republican candidate should be doing better things with his time.

One area she thought would be more appropriate was the issue of transgender rights – an issue close to heart following her transition in November 2014.

Muscato said: "Jesus f*****g Christ Donald Trump. You are the president-elect. Pick your f*****g battles, man. You're embarrassing yourself.

"Baldwin's impression isn't 'sad'. You know what's sad? In seven weeks, you'll be responsible for 330 million lives and you can't think of anything better to do than tweeting about a comedy show.

"You know that actual lives are at stake, right? You're pathetic.

"This is not a joke, Donald. Don't you have anything better to do? Are you so narcissistic that a parody is your priority?

"Do you know how many trans people were murdered since Election Day? Do you know how many veterans killed themselves?

"Do you know how many children went to bed tonight without enough food to eat? Do you even care? What is wrong with you?

"No, of course you don't know those things. You don't even know what a "blind trust" [is] and you call yourself a businessman.

"You're pathetic. You ran for President for attention. You are a fake, a fraud. You never wanted to win anyway; we can all see it.

"You're not fooling anyone. You're scared and overwhelmed and you have absolutely no idea what you're doing. And it shows."

Although there have been no reported murders of trans people in the US since Donald Trump's election, although 2016 has had the highest number of recorded murders of the minority group in the country's history.

There were also concerns about the increase of suicides of trans people, due to their concerns about safety in Trump's administration.

It was reported LGBT crisis prevention phone lines received an "unprecedented" number of calls in the days following the election stating that they felt immense mental distress.

"People find it hard enough to be a trans person during an Obama administration, and now we're facing one of the most repressive and regressive administrations in modern history," Greta Martela, co-founder and executive director of Trans Lifeline, told Buzzfeed.

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