1962 Tube Strike
Even running to work in shorts and a vest, this commuter still manages to be a gent British Pathé

Even fifty years ago London could be brought to a standstill by a tube strike, as seen in this delightfully quaint video detailing the events of a strike held in 1962.

Packed cars, "hopelessly inadequate" buses, traffic jams – all sights modern commuters are used to seeing. People in the sixties appear a little more creative than us however, when it comes to dealing with the delays.

Take for example the man deciding to run to work in shorts, a vest and a bowler hat (such a gent), the man skating to work (also in a bowler hat) or the man who crammed two women into the boot of his car (possibly not a commuter).

It's a far cry from huddled crowds of people starring extra hard at their phones or trying extra hard to be funny on social media.

Sixties Londoners did have a little easier than us however, as they were allowed to "park almost anywhere" by authorities who were clearly on the side of those nine out of ten workers delayed by the '62 strike.

You can watch the video, courtesy of British Pathé, below...