Turkey coup: Attempted military takeover of country crushed Reuters

Clashes between Turkish security forces and coup plotters resisting arrest at Istanbul's second airport and at an air base in central Turkey have been reported. Security forces fired warning shots near the Sabiha Gokcen airport on the Asian side of the city.

The coup plotters did not return fire. Turkish police have detained the remaining pro-coup soldiers, the Daily Sabah reported.

There were also clashes at a military air base in the Anatolian province of Konya in central Turkey, after coup supporters also resisted arrest.

Seven people, including a colonel have been detained. While the situation in both Konya and Sabiha Gokcen airport are "under control", Turkish law enforcement are still encountering resistance from coup supporters in key areas.

"This is why we have been asking the people to stand guard and remain aware," an official said.

Turkish forces are continuing to round up officials suspected of taking part in or supporting the failed coup. Around 6,000 have been arrested so far including a top military aide to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish Minster of Justice Bekir Bozdag said he is expecting more arrests. "The cleansing [operation] is continuing," Bozdag explained in a television interview. "Some 6,000 detentions have taken place. The number could surpass 6,000."

He described the arrests as part of a "clean-up operation".

Speaking at a mass funeral in Istanbul for civilians who died during mass protests on Bosphorous Bridge on 17 June, Erdogan pledged to rid the country of the "virus" caused by Fethullah Gülen. The Turkish president blames the exiled cleric for being the mastermind behind the failed coup.