Turkey drivers licence IQ test
Turkey's new regulations will not allow anyone who has an IQ level of 79 or below to be behind the wheel Reuters

Turkey is set to introduce mandatory IQ tests for all applicants who seek a driver's licence. Ankara's imminent regulation, which will come into force from 1 January 2016, will not grant a licence to anyone who has an IQ level of 79 or below.

In a move which is likely to significantly alter the existing standards of Turkish traffic regulations, prospective drivers will be asked to submit a health report given by one of the health ministry-approved clinics along with the licence application.

A statement released by Turkish officials lists a vast range of issues such as "mental retardation [IQ level of 79 and below], dementia, attention deficiency, drug use, addiction to alcohol, and narcomania" that would disqualify the driver's licence application, according to Turkey's Daily Sabah.

While candidates with night-blindness would be allowed to drive only an hour after dawn and an hour before sunset, there will be no such restrictions for people with colour blindness. Disqualified applicants will have a chance to appeal against the decision with higher authorities.

In the wake of rapidly rising vehicle population and increasing roads, Turkey has been attempting to improve its traffic standards in order to match the European Union. For several years, the country's notorious driving schools are known to cut corners and often blamed for poor standards.

According to the latest available government figures, nearly 90% of all the road accidents are caused by drivers' fault. In 2013 alone, there were little more than 1.2 million traffic-related accidents claiming 3,685 lives.