Black car

Turkmenistan president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has officially ruled black cars illegal in the country's capital city, Ashgabat.

The superstitious leader strongly believes that white things bring good luck and has previously ordered his staff to only purchase white cars. In the UK, black cars make up around 20% of the road, according to

To make matters even stranger, the colour limits are not just on new cars. Anyone who owns a black car will have to pay to have it painted. If they choose to ignore the law, the cars will be towed and impounded. Car owners will then have to pay a fee, along with promising to give their vehicles a new coat of white or silver paint.

Turkmenistan has strict laws when it comes to car ownership. In 2015, they banned the import of any black car and in 2013 ruled that foreign vehicles cannot be older than five years when imported. Tinted windows have also been abolished.

Berdimuhamedow is rolling around the streets of Ashgabat in a green Bugatti Veyron. Speaking to radio station Azatlyk, one resident told of the hefty fees involved with painting a car. "I was told that repainting would cost 7000 Manat (around £1500) but in a week that price would rise to 11,000 Manat (£2300)," the person said.

The resident had his car imported just a day before appearing on radio.