Twitter, the hugely popular social networking Web site, is celebrating the sixth anniversary of the first tweet ever sent!

It is testament to the driving urge to feel connected to our friends and families... the quintessential hallmark of human life... that Twitter, alongside services like Facebook and Google, has become so integral a part of our daily lives.

The very first tweet - sent by the service's co-founder Jack Dorsey - was sent out on 21 March 2006 and consisted of 24 characters (well within the 140 character limit). The tweet - "just setting up my twttr".

The service subsequently went public on 15 July that same year and was called "Twttr" for a few months, until they added the vowels.

Since then, the social networking Web site has proven to be a great platform... mainly for celebrities... and reportedly handles an average of 140 million messages per day.