BBC Radio Kent has apologised after the station tweeted an offensive poll on gay conversion therapy on Thursday 19 October.

The poll, which has now been deleted could read: "TV doctor @drRanj has told breakfast gay conversion therapy is akin to psychological abuse, should gay conversion therapy be banned?"

It offered two possible answers: "Yes, it should be banned" and "It's acceptable practice."

The poll did not bode well with Twitter, with people immediately criticising the network for the ill-advised ballot.

One user wrote: "I'm tired of the mainstream press debating the right of queer people to exist free from fucking torture. it's not a fun little game."

Another pointed out that gay conversion therapies could leave their participants psychology damaged and concluded: "Does your station believe torture and prejudice is Friday fun pop quiz material?"

BBC Radio Kent's Twitter account has now apologised for the offence it caused, stating the poll was actually against its guidelines.