One person has reportedly died after a security incident at the Israeli embassy in Jordan's capital, Amman on Sunday (23 July). Two other people have been injured, authorities said.

Conflicting reports from local news outlets suggested that a Jordanian teenager had been shot and an Israeli stabbed during a dispute, which was confirmed by the Associated Press, citing a security official.

The Jordanian government's official news agency said that three people had been involved, two Jordanians and an Israeli - all were injured and one Jordanian has died.

The Israeli is said to be in an "unstable" condition while it is uncertain whether the 17-year-old Jordanian died at the scene or elsewhere.

The official report said that the Jordanians were carpenters.

Security authorities said investigations were in a preliminary stage but that they would become extensive.

One video on social media from the scene showed security vehicles in the streets, allegedly making a cordon around the embassy area.

The BBC said it believed the embassy was being evacuated and that Israeli authorities have imposed reporting restrictions around the incident.

Earlier in July there were protests in Amman by people unhappy at Israel installing metal detectors at a shrine in Jerusalem revered by both Jews and Muslims. Jordan is the custodian of Muslim religious sites in Jerusalem.